Wireless file sharing function – AirDrop

For iOS 7, it is the new features, instead of new designs that are worth our attention. For instance, the wireless file sharing function – AirDrop is an important new function. Although this wireless file sharing function is not really revolutionary, we can still benefit a lot from it. Meanwhile, Apple can further complete its economic and ecological system with the help of it. As a wireless file sharing function which exists on Mac for a long time, AirDrop has finally landed on the iOS devices. Built in iOS 7 – the newest operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, AirDrop has bright prospects.

Apple said AriDrop will allow users to easily share pictures, videos, web pages, contacts, and so on content in a wireless way. Usages of AriDrop include:

  • Retail stores will share coupons with users by using this wireless file sharing function.
  • Users can perform game battle with passengers on the train with this function.
  • Colleagues are able to share meeting records with each other in the office.
  • Guests are supposed to share photos and videos via AriDrop at the wedding.
  • Application developers can share beta application with specific users.

Using condition
As a matter of fact, wireless file sharing function is not unique to Apple. Samsung and Android also have their own wireless file sharing function. However, the Beam function of Android and Samsung and applications like Bump all require that users should contact their phone with others’ phone in order to complete file sharing. It is a good news that Apple’s AirDrop doesn’t have such limitation. Meanwhile, simultaneous file sharing can be performed among a lot of users. The essential of AirDrop is to complete file transfer in the cloud. More precisely, file sharing is completed on Apple’s own iCloud. In contrast, Android’s Beam function completes file sharing between different devices by using Bluetooth. However, Samsung’s Beam function completes file sharing by making use of NFC technology. Of course, there are still some using conditions for AirDrop. Using condition one: users need to upgrade the system of device to iOS 7. Using condition two: the device must be iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 4, iPod Touch 5, and so on new models. Using condition three: users must have at least one iCloud account.

File sharing security
Just as other applications and functions, file sharing security is an important factor of AirDrop. When sharing files through AirDrop, users can not only choose share content, but also choose share object. This means the sharing content is not available for unselected devices. For many users, file sharing security is a decisive factor when they use AirDrop. Considering this, Apple states that the sharing content of AirDrop is “fully encrypted”. The fact is that though Apple has always claimed AirDrop has no security problem, hackers are always pervasive. Therefore, more effective measures must be added to AirDrop to enhance file sharing security.

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