Perfect Solution To Windows Drive Data Recovery You May Need

For a long time, the operating systems of Microsoft Windows have dominated the OS field. Windows is so popular that almost everyone throughout the world heard of it. The most classis operating systems of Microsoft Windows are Windows XP and Windows 7. And now the Windows 8 and Windows 10 attract many users’ attention. Thus, it is not even close to strange to see so many users raise a question: how can Windows drive data recovery be easily achieved.

About 15 million people worldwide are using Windows systems, and it keeps driving us to explore an easier using way. The best parts of Windows 7 and Windows 8 are integrated into Windows 10, making it becomes an OS with excellent compatibility and very powerful computing capability. Meanwhile, it provides users with familiar interface so that they don’t need to re-adapt. Of course, improvements and upgrades can be seen in technical aspect. However, it will take users of previous operating systems some time to fully adapt to the new OS. And unavoidably, data loss may occur during this period.

Achieve Windows Drive Data Recovery without Paying

It is a fact that most people will realize the importance of having a data recovery tool at hand only after they are in face of serious data loss problems. Considering this, we suggest all users to get a piece of free software for Windows drive recovery in advance. In this way, they’re allowed to recover data from Windows drive in the first time so as to minimize the losses that could be brought by deadly data loss.

Here’s a perfect solution to Windows drive data recovery.


Preparations: download MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition – the powerful free software for Windows drive recovery – from CNET and then install it to a computer hard drive that doesn’t include the lost data you want to recover (just as said in CAUTION). After that, launch the software to start to recover data from Windows drive.


Windows drive data recovery process: choose an appropriate function module from the main interface of software; you can put cursor onto each module to see its specific using range or just click on a module to enter and then click the tutorial link at the bottom of the interface to read relevant help document. After that, users should select the target drive to scan. At last, choose all files they need to recover from the scanning result and click “Save” to appoint a safe storage location.

This is the whole process of how to recover data from Windows hard drive. You are suggested to download one and experience the performance in person.