The Most Wonderful Free Windows Data Recovery Tool Of 2015

As a general rule, you know where to find your different types of files (documents, pictures, music tracks, and so on) on your computer. And admittedly, you are used to knowing the fact that the files are always available when you need them. Naturally, you assume this to be the situation that will always be.

However, a powerful but free Windows data recovery tool should be installed in your computer since you may find the reality can be very different, though. You may not pay enough attention to the moment when you delete something important without realizing the big mistake. Perhaps you lent your computer to your friends or family members for an afternoon, but only to find some files you need are gone. Some tragedies tend to happen to you unexpectedly to corrupt your hard drive. Forget about whatever the cause is, as the only result is that files or folders that mean a lot to you may get lost.

Get a Free Windows Data Recovery Tool

It doesn’t matter whose fault is to lead to data loss issue. What really matters when a file you need is gone is how you react. We guess finding ways to get file back as quickly and as painlessly as possible is what most users think after data loss occurred. Here’s an excellent solution: making use of the most outstanding free Windows data recovery tool – MiniTool Power Data Recovery to carry out disk data restore on Windows.

Please read following content carefully to know how to free restore deleted files with this tool in detail.


The whole disk data restore work consists of only three steps:

Step one: launch the free version of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to click “Undelete Recovery” (the first module) to initialize recovery.

Step two: select the target drive (in which lost files were located) and press “Scan” to search for all lost files.


Step three: in the last step, you’ll see files found by software and what you need to do now is choosing all the files you want to recover and save them out by tapping “Save” button.

Our free Windows data recovery tool provide you with a “Find” and a “Filter” function to help you find needed files accurately according to file name, file size, file type, creation time and other information. Besides, you are allowed to use the “Preview” function to view the picture files and text files before you actually recover them. This tool is so awesome. Don’t you want to try it in person?