Windows 8 Partition Resize Is Just A Piece Of Cake

When users find the left space in a hard disk partition is not enough, they must want to change the partition size. Users are eager to get a satisfying solution immediately especially when this occurs in system partition (since low disk space in system partition could affect computer responding and running speed). For example, there’s a case in which Windows 8 partition resize is needed.

The professionals originally give 30GB space to C drive in my laptop, but it appears recently that only little free space is left unused in drive C now. By the way, I was running a Windows 8 on my laptop, so I’m wondering if there’s a convenient and safe way to resize partition in Windows 8. I heard that reinstalling operating system is a common way to change partition size, but do I have other choices? I really don’t want to lose other important data in my laptop. Meanwhile, transferring all the data out before reinstalling to other disk is a time-consuming and, I think, a stupid job. I have tried many partition management tools to solve the problem, but unfortunately, I failed and many of them even don’t support Windows 8. Any advice?

Accomplish Windows 8 Partition Resize with Partition Wizard

Firstly, we need you to believe that Windows 8 partition resize is indeed not a hard task. Instead, if you got the right tool, you may find it even easier than you thought it could be. Now, we feel pleasured to provide you with a useful assistant – MiniTool Partition Wizard. After reading the following detailed steps to resize partition in Windows 8 with this assistant, you must be very surprised.


Step 1: launch application to see its main window and select the system partition here.


Step 2: click “Partition” from menu bar or right click the system partition.


Step 3: choose “Extend” from the submenu to see “Extend Partition” window.


Step 4: appoint a partition or unallocated space to be the target place which will provide extra free space. Then, drag the sliding button to decide the size of free space you want and click “OK” to move on.


Step 5: press “Apply” and choose “Yes” in pop-up window to confirm Windows 8 partition resize.

Since the system partition is being used at this moment, the program will ask you to restart computer. Of course, you need to allow it. After the restart, you’ll find system partition has been extended successfully.

Why not try MiniTool Partition Wizard now if you’re in need of good partition management?