Why release iPhone 5c

Before the release of iPhone 5c, some analysts speculated Apple planned to release iPhone 5c namely cheap iPhone to regain the market share of smart phone below $300, but the result disappointed all of them. Bare iPhone 5c was sold at the price of more than $500. Therefore, more and more people begin to guess purposes on releasing iPhone 5c. Here, we give 2 possible reasons.
1. Apple does not release iPod Touch.
Conventionally, Apple releases new iPod every September, but they broke the routine last year. Till now, iPod has been selling. Nevertheless, this Apple product will disappear in the end.
In July of 2013, Apple claimed sales volume of iPod is reduced every year at the rate of 32%, which brings Apple big influences. After all, sale volume of iPod Touch is no less than that of iPad.
However, among kids and young people, iPod is quite popular. They can experience advantages of iPhone App through WiFi. Therefore, in order to get market share new iPod should take, Apple releases iPhone 5c.
2. More and more children in America are interested in smart phone.
In the past year, American wireless carriers began to introduce family data plan, which makes it more possible for parents to buy smart phone for their children. Therefore, children owning smart phone are increasing continuously. It is reported that 44% American children whose age is between 12 and 17 owned smart phone in 2013, and some insiders expect this number will be increased to 51% in 2014, 59% in 2015, 66% in 2016, and 73% in 2017.

From the analysis above, we guess nearly 40 million to 50 million American children clients will turn to smart phone, which brings great opportunities to Apple. In addition, these children have invested music and App a lot, so Apple has a natural advantage to make these children transfer to iPhone.

These are just 2 possible purposes on releasing iPhone 5c. What’s your idea?

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