Why M7 can help save energy of iPhone 5s battery?

Maybe, some users pay little or even no attention to M7, a built-in coprocessor in A7 of iPhone 5s. As a matter of fact, M7 is a quite good assistant of A7 and plays a very important role in saving energy of iPhone 5s battery. It is specially designed to measure motion data coming from accelerometer, gyroscope, inclinometer, and compass. If M7 does not exist, this task will be allocated to A7, thus putting a much heavier burden on A7. As a result, energy of iPhone 5s will be consumed quickly. However, since M7 is added, data coming from exercising apps can be read by M7, and there is no need to visit A7 unceasingly. Therefore, power consumption of iPhone battery can be reduced to a large extent.
Moreover, no matter what you are doing, waking, running, or even driving, M7 can know. When you are driving, iPhone 5s will not inquiry whether to connect nearby wireless network. If your iPhone 5s keeps unused for a long time, for example you are sleeping, M7 will help reduce network detection so as to save energy of iPhone 5s battery.
From the above introduction, users should know why A7 can help save energy of iPhone 5s battery.

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