The Best Answer To Where Are My Photos Question

In the multimedia age, most people like to take photos with digital devices like mobile phones and cameras, and then save the precious photos to computer or other movable device. Digital photos become an important way to record the old good days and unforgettable moments in life.

However, when we are transferring photos from mobile phone/digital camera to computer or any other place, or when are managing/editing photos, accident tend to happen. Photos may disappear suddenly, leaving no room for us to regret. We’re prone to ask – where are my photos.


No one can give a definite answer to this question. But, we can provide practical ways to solve this problem. We bet most users’ purpose of asking such a question is that they want to find back the lost photos, instead of figuring out the real location of photos. They prefer to know how they can recover the lost photos by saying – show me my photos.

Answer to the Question – Where Are My Photos

Sometimes, we may lose our data in weird ways that we can hardly think of. In such cases, certainly, it’s of little significance to care too much about how the photos get lost. Actually, the only correct and most important thing to do under such circumstance is to start photo recovery with the help of photo recovery software.

Here, we recommend the free photo recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which is much better than Stellar photo recovery according to users feedback.


Right click on the software icon to run it. Then, you’ll need to choose the most proper function from the main window. After that, you only need to select the target drive/partition to scan by pressing “Scan” or “Full Scan” button (under different functions). When the scan is over, you only need to check the photos you want to recover and press “Save” to store them to a safe place.


Now, we believe you’ll never ask questions like where are my photos again since almost all your photos that haven’t been overwritten will be recovered with this software.