What should we do when iOS 7 slows down iPhone 4?

With the release of iOS 7, users who own previous iPhones can upgrade their operating system to iOS 7 for free. However, after upgrading, many users find iOS 7 slows down iPhone 4 compared with previous speed. What should we do at this time? Taking the following measures does great trick for speeding up iPhone 4 or iOS 7:
1. Delete all useless apps, lumpish files, and other fragments
Reducing data storage in iPhone 4 can enhance performance obviously. Users can check storage state from Settings. If the memory space has little left, they can delete apps which are useless but take up lots of space. They had better keep 15% free space left, and the more the better.

2. Forbid automating background process
Automating background process brings users much convenience, but it slows down system running speed. The following background processes bring users the biggest influences:
Background upgrade of App Store: users need to find Automatic Download from iTunes & App Store, and then turn off the upgrade.
Background synchronization: on automatic download, users can also stop syncing music, apps, and books among Apple devices. Though users need to sync information manually in the future, it eases great burden for iPhone 4.
Background process of apps: If an apple runs in background frequently, iOS 7 will be slowed down. Now, close background of all apps from Settings – General – Background App Refresh or perform other settings.

3. Reduce dynamic effects
Parallax effect and 3D animation will take up a part of system resources. If it slows down iPhone 4, users had better enable Reduce Motion from Settings – General – Accessibility.

4. Fix keyboard lag
It is very annoying to encounter keyboard lag, so how to improve or fix it? Enter iCloud and disable Documents & Data.

5. Reboot iPhone 4
Some users may keep iPhone 4 run all the time. Actually, rebooting iPhone 4 can clear temporary files and release memory.

6. Erase all data
If the 5 measures mentioned above do not work, the last measure is to erase all information so as to get a clear system. Before erasing, users had better backup important data.

Now, users should know what they should do when iOS 7 slows down iPhone 4.

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