Actionable Techniques For WD Hard Drive Not Recognized Error

It’s quite a common thing that you find your drive can’t be recognized after connecting it to computer. This happens more and more frequently, isn’t it? What we know for sure is that your hard drive stays in trouble when it is not showing up, or failing to be opened up in your computer.


So, what causes the popular WD hard drive not recognized error? We can’t say the exact reasons since the WD external hard drive not showing up issue is actually very complex. Yet, we summarize the possible reasons for you. And afterwards, we’ll give our suggestions to help you recover data from hard drive that is not recognized.

Possible Reasons for WD Hard Drive Not Recognized

In general, a WD hard drive could become not recognized by computer due to many reasons: RAW file system on hard drive, virus infection, bad sectors, unknown logical damage, data cable failure, connecting interface failure, corrupting operating system and a combination of different problems.


Apart from those reasons, the WD hard drive not recognized error may also be resulted from physical damage. If your hard drive shows as “No Media” in Windows Disk Management, you should firstly take physical problem into consideration.

Now, please check the connection cable of external hard drive, interface on hard drive & computer and the power supply. Try to change a cable, connect it to a different computer or change a power supply may work.

If it is recognized then, it could be confirmed that the problem is caused by poor connection or unstable power supply.

Recover Data from Hard Drive

If you received any error messages like Drive Is Not Formatted when you’re trying to access the drive and use data in it, your drive problem is likely be caused by only logical damages. In such case, you are able to recover them.


Don’t rush to format the drive for further use since it will bring secondary damage to your data.

Now, follow this tutorial to recover data: install MiniTool Power Data Recovery and open it -> choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” from main window -> select the target drive and press “Full Scan” -> look through the found partitions to pick out needed files -> click on “Save” button and choose a safe storage location for data waiting to be recovered.

You must have mastered the way to define WD hard drive not recognized error and recover data from it. Go with it.