3 Solutions To Virtual Machine Data Recovery

The so called virtual machine actually refers to the complete computer system got by software simulation. It is featured with complete hardware system functions and running in a completely isolated environment. Virtual system generates the new virtual image of real operating system, so it has exactly the same functionality as the real system. Users can install and run software, save data and have their own independent desktop. And all those operations will not have any impact on the real system. What’s more, users are allowed to flexibly switch between the existing system and the virtual machine.

Sometimes, users are annoyed by virtual machine data recovery since they can’t find the important files they saved in virtual machine or they just fail to access those files due to virtual system corruption. Lately, a report manifests that 40% of the virtual machine users lose valuable data every single year. What is even worse: about two thirds of virtual machine users who’re suffering from virtual machine data loss can’t find an actionable solution to helping them recover data from virtual machine.

Like in real system, unintentional deletion, formatting and file system corruption are also the main reasons for data loss in virtual system. But, as you may know, ordinary virtual machine doesn’t provide a recovery function. Because of that, virtual machine data recovery becomes quite difficult for users.

Try the Following 3 Solutions for Virtual Machine Data Recovery

In order to help users solve data loss problem in virtual machine, we provide three practical solutions for users to choose from.


1. Make use of free recovery program – MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Just download the program and get it installed in one partition (can’t be the partition that you save the data in virtual machine) of your computer hard drive or in mobile device. Then, run this program immediately after installation and follow the specific instructions in each interface carefully.

Notice, in the last step, if too many files are found, making it hard for you to define the needed files, you may as well try using “Find” or “Filter” to narrow your view. Then, if you don’t know where the virtual data are saved, you’d better search for relevant information on the internet about the default storage path of certain virtual machine.

2. Install VMware Data Recovery to a safe place (not the drive that holds virtual machine data) if you’re running VMware.

3. Ask data recovery experts to help and pay them much money for virtual machine data recovery.

But notice, you need to be especially careful when choosing this way to recover data from virtual machine since privacy leakage may be caused.