Using tutorials of AirDrop

Adopting wireless transmission technology, AirDrop is a specific new feature under Apple’s Lion system and it is used to share files between multiple Apple devices. Just dragging the files to the picture of a friend who uses AirDrop, users are able to realize one-to-one file transmission (similar to Bluetooth transmission). In the WWDC conference held in 2013, the new function – AirDrop has been added to iOS devices. However, it is a pity that the iOS devices previous to iPhone 5 give no support to AirDrop.

As we have mentioned before, AirDrop was originally used on Mac. There is a great local Wi-Fi wireless transmission technology – AirDrop in Apple’s Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Wireless transmission technology makes it very convenient to transmit files between two Mac computers which are loaded with Lion system. Considering that AirDrop is a completely new concept to many users, we’d like to introduce the using tutorials of AirDrop in detail.

Using tutorials of AirDrop

  • IOS device users are expected to know the features of AirDrop in order to understand the using tutorials of AirDrop in a better way.
  • AirDrop does not require that two iOS devices should be in the same network. This differs a lot from traditional LAN file sharing method.
  • AirDrop is able to transfer files without network. It is unlike the common internet file transmission.
    AirDrop does not support wired connection. It adopts wireless transmission technology similar to Bluetooth transmission, but does not support wired connection extension.
  • AirDrop needs the support from wireless LAN in new models. NIC models have to be new and the driver has to be perfect.

According to using tutorials of AirDrop, users should enable AirDrop function at first by sliding from the bottom of the screen. After that, users can see three options: disable, contacts only and everyone. Only the people in users’ contacts list are permitted to share files with them after “only contacts” has been selected. At this time, users need to choose the target contact of sharing and ask the person they want to share with to do the same. Then, users can start to share files without worrying about security because AirDrop will use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to get other things done and ensure the safety of users’ shared content. At last, users should do according to the following steps to finish file sharing (here, we take photo sharing for example). Firstly, users need to enter the camera roll and select one or more photos. Afterwards, click on the up arrow button in the lower left. Secondly, related applications will appear in the sharing panel. At this time, users can choose to click “Assign to Contact”. Thirdly, users will be prompted to confirm the picture they want to share. Fourthly, users should click “select” button and the assigned contact will get a message asking to accept the photo. In this way, users can share photos easily via AirDrop.

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