Tips for iPhone use

With the application of iPhone getting more and more extensive, an increasing number of people have bought iPhone to experience its high performance and excellent functions. However, since some new iPhone users are not familiar with functions of the system, they may feel troubled. They may raise such questions. How to reset Home screen icons as default? Is it easy to increase font size? Here, effective solutions to those issues will be introduced.
1. Reset Home screen icons to default Some iPhone users may have noticed that the icons on the Home screen of their iPhone are in a mess. Moreover, users may find some icons are even lost. It is believed that all those problems are disturbing. In such cases, some users tend to reset Home screen icons to default on iPhone. However, before users start to do so, they have to know that any changes to folders and any icon arrangement may make them lose all created folders. iPhone users who want to reset Home screen icons to default just need to follow these steps: Firstly, open Settings and then choose General. Secondly, click Reset and select Reset Home Screen Layout. Here, users can reset Home screen icons to default.
Providing that iPhone users still have missing icons after performing above operations, they can check to see if the app is restricted. That is because the app icon may not appear anywhere once certain iPhone app is set to be restricted. To check app status, users can operate under Settings > General > Restrictions.
2. Increase Font Size on iPhone As different users have different preference for font size. Some iPhone users may be used to default font size, while some iPhone users tend to make the characters bigger and easier to read. Actually, iPhone users can increase font size on iPhone easily. Well then, the detailed operations to increase font size are demonstrated:
Firstly, iPhone users are supposed to open the Settings app from the Home screen. Secondly, operate under General > Accessibility to enter the window for font setting. Thirdly, select a desired setting such as “Large Text”. When the operations are executed, iPhone users will find that the text will be in a different size.
However, some iPhone users may encounter the situation where the font in some apps hasn’t been changed even if users have performed above operations. That is because most of the apps in iOS will support setting, while some third-party apps will not. Those third-party apps have their own settings. To tackle the issue, iPhone users can check to see if there are separate setting listed on the General > Settings screen.
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the presented font setting can not satisfy users even though iPhone users have fulfilled the mentioned operations? At this time, iPhone users can make use of the Zoom feature. Before using the feature, iPhone users should firstly enable the function under Settings > General > Accessibility. After that, set “Zoom” to “On“. When operations are done, iPhone users can drag three fingers up and down on the screen so as to zoom in and out as desired.

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