The Apple A6

It is believed that mobile processor plays a significant role in promoting mobile phone performance. For instance, if inferior mobile processor is employed in a mobile phone, its corresponding page loading rate, graphics processing speed, etc will be greatly influenced. For this reason, users who are managing to purchase a mobile phone are supposed to pay high attention to mobile processor adopted in the device. On current mobile processor market, there are various kinds of mobile processors, such as Hummingbird S5PC110 adopted in Samsung Nexus S and Facinate , Snapdragon MSM8255 adopted in HTC Desire HD, Samsung  Exynos 4210 adopted in Samsung Galaxy S2. However, iPhone adopts the Apple A5, A6 or A7 chip. Since many users may feel much perplexed, we’d like to make a brief introduction to the Apple A6.

On September 12, 2012, the Apple A6, the famous mobile processor was released by Apple Inc. In essence, the Apple A6 is a kind of 32-bit package on package PoP system on a chip, and the Apple A6 is firstly adopted by iPhone 5. Compared with its predecessor the Apple A5, the Apple A6 runs much faster and owns stronger graphic power, bringing better user experience.

ARMv7-based Apple A6 is equipped with higher performance and lower power consumption. Also, as the first non-licensed ARM CPU, the Apple A6 is able to realize better optimization for iOS system, so as to get more satisfying performance. The Apple A6 is equipped with dual-core CPU in Manual Layout design, and triple-core GPU in Auto Layout design.

Features of the Apple A6
1. Processing speed
When it comes to processing speed, the Apple A6 is twice fast as Apple A5. In practical use, A6-based iPhone 5 owns faster load rate compared with A5-based devices. For instance, the load rate of Page and Keynote can be promoted to a large extent. For users who care speed most can feel much satisfied owing to the improvement made in processing speed.

2. Graphics performance
Since both dual-core CPU and triple-core GPU are employed in the Apple A6, graphics performance of A6 is greatly enhanced. Moreover, users can gain much faster render speed owing to the application of triple-core GPU. Users who are in the pursuit of high-quality visual experience can benefit a lot from certain enhancement.

3. Shooting optimization
In the era where lots of people are used to utilizing mobile phone to capture cherished moments whenever and wherever possible, mobile phones with higher shooting capability are preferred. An upgraded image signal processor is included the Apple A6, greatly improving the speed of image capture, low-light performance, noise reduction and video stabilization. Compared with the Apple A5, shooting ability of the Apple A6 is optimized to a large degree.

4. Power consumption
The Apple A6 is able to automatically adjust dominant frequency from 550MHz to 1.3GHz on the basis of demands of tasks to be completed. Thus, normal performance demands can be served while power consumption can be lowered.

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