Will System Restore Help To Recover Deleted Files In Hard Drive

System restore is basically a solution designed for users to conveniently recover their system to good state when they’re in face of some difficult system problems they can’t deal with. This mainly affects the system drive unless something is going wrong during the restore process.


In Windows 7, users can click the start menu in the lower left corner and then select “Control Panel”. When the items are viewed by small icons, users can see a “Backup and Restore” option. Click it to enter above interface and users will be able to start system restore manually.

Whether System Restore Helps to Recover Deleted Files

However, quite a lot of users are wondering whether the system restore helps to recover deleted files or not. Here is one case we’ve found while browsing the internet:

The hard drive in my computer is divided into four parts, C:\, D:\, E:\ and F:\. I managed the files and folders in each drive in order to achieve better performance. However, I was so careless that I deleted some of my valuable files by mistake. Those files are not saved in the system drive. Knowing that system restore helps to make things right, I’d love to know whether I can retrieve deleted files after system restore.

As we said before, the system restore is mainly conducted to repair the system when some tough issues appear. And it will not change the state of other drives (except the system drive). To sum up, the system restore doesn’t help to recover deleted files unless those files are missing from system drive.

How to Retrieve Deleted Files after System Restore

For users who have accidentally deleted useful files from computer hard drive or who’re suffering from data loss after system restore was completed, MiniTool Power Data Recovery could be a wonderful assistant. Believe it or not, users are able to recover almost all kinds of files lost from computer and other removable devices with the help of this files recovery software.

To recover files deleted from hard drive, users only need to make use of “Undelete Recovery” module of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.


Select the drive where deleted files located in and then click “Scan” to search for deleted files in target drive. Wait patiently when the scan is in progress. After the scan was over, users can take actions to select all the files they want to retrieve and click “Save” to appoint a safe location (can’t be the original drive) to save them.

We can say, in general, the system restore can’t help to recover deleted files from hard drive or removable devices. So our advice is seizing time to get a MiniTool Power Data Recovery installed on your computer in case of any unexpected data loss cases. And you can try other modules in person to know more clearly about this files recovery software to be better prepared for data recovery.