Use MiniTool Partition Wizard to Shrink Partition in Windows 8

In some conditions, users will find that to resize or shrink partition is quite essential. For example, in some system installations cases like Windows 8 installation, all hard drive space was given to Windows operating system partition and there’s no extra free space was left for other partition. In other words, the whole hard drive only consists of one large partition – the system partition.

In that condition, most users may try to take some measures to shrink partition in Windows 8. However, for users who are unfamiliar with Windows 8 and disk management operations like increasing or decreasing partition space, to rashly change partition size is not suggested.

A safe and easy way to shrink partition in Windows 8 is to use professional disk management software as assistance. It is said that MiniTool Partition Wizard, the software aiming at disk management for years: functions such as decrease partition space, move partition and resize partition are definitely included, is the most ideal tool in this situation.

How to Shrink Partition in Windows 8


Install MiniTool Partition Wizard, run it and get to this main interface and choose system partition shown in the picture above (the first partition displayed above is Windows 8 reserved space, any operations on it are probably not suggested in case of a system boot failure). The following cases will bring users to the next step of decreasing partition space; just choose one of them to proceed.

Case 1:
Choose “Move/Resize” from the context menu after a right click on the partition.

Case 2:
Choose “Move/Resize” from submenu of “Partition”.

Case 3:
Choose “Move/Resize Partition” in the left action panel.


A window titled “Move/Resize Partition” pops up. Now, users are able to adjust the partition via dragging the little black triangle to a wanted position or typing concrete numbers in the specified text boxes. Press “OK” when this step is done.


Click “Apply” on the top left to validate the adjustment. Then, click “Yes” in the confirmation window.


Then, a notice window pops out to ask users to restart their PC. Click “Restart Now” and leave all the works to this software. After the successful reboot, users will find they have successfully shrunk Windows 8 partition.

To get more free space by way of shrinking Windows 8 partition, users could just repeat the same steps above.

If users want to know more about other partition management operations, please feel free to visit the introduction webpage of MiniTool Partition Wizard.

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