Tips On Seagate Hard Disk Recovery Software Download & Use

Seagate generally refers to Seagate Technology PLC (Public Limited Company), which is a world-famous American data storage company. Founded in 1979, Seagate is currently the world’s largest manufacturer for hard disk drive, disk and read-write head; it is headquartered in California, Scott Valley City. Undeniably, Seagate becomes a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of hard disk drives. And it provides products for enterprises, desktop computers, mobile devices and consumer electronics.

Seagate devices are used by large amount of people around the world, so Seagate related problems appear now and then. Today, I am going to talk about Seagate data recovery and will introduce the process of Seagate hard disk recovery software download and use in detail.

Download The Best Seagate Hard Disk Recovery Software

When a Seagate hard drive really fails, Seagate file recovery becomes a matter of urgency. In this case, you are advised to download a piece of reliable recovery software to be your assistant during Seagate HDD data recovery. Now, let’s take a look at how to do.

Seagate Hard Disk Recovery Software Download

Visit the official website of MiniTool Power Data Recovery and click on the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button to get its free edition (which has 1 GB recovery limit).


Or, in some articles published on the official site or other reliable websites, you may click on the corresponding download button to get the free copy.

All in all, you must make sure that the site/the link is safe and pure.

How to Restore Files from Seagate External Hard Drive

Firstly, please install the software to your computer properly and then run it to enter the main window.


Secondly, you should connect your external Seagate drive and make it appear on this computer. (Please ignore this step if the Seagate hard drive is an internal one)

* Here’s how to recover data from Seagate external hard disk which is not detecting.

Thirdly, select the most suitable module from the main window of software after knowing its specific usage. And then select the target hard drive to scan.

Fourthly, when the scan is over, please browse and check the files you need. And then, press the “Save” button to restore them to another safe drive.


This is my personal experience on how to recover data from my Seagate external hard drive. Now, do you understand the process of recovering data from Seagate hard drive? Please feel free to contact if you have any doubts.