Safari vs. Chrome for iOS

Safari is developed by Apple Inc., while Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google. The two web browsers haring the same kernel- WebKit are preferred by many users. Well then, what are the differences between the two? Here, we would like to introduce the differences between Safari and Chrome for iOS in the aspects of interface design, tab management, etc.

Interface design
Chrome for iOS adopts straightforward main interface, which is composed of tab bar, forward/backward/reload buttons, address bar, menu button and browsing area. While the main interface of Safari is comprised of forward/backward/bookmark/add bookmark buttons, address bar, search bar, tab bar and browsing area.

New tabs
New tabs usually serve as the navigation pages to access commonly used pages. Chrome for iOS divides new tabs into three types including websites, bookmarks and other devices tabs. Website tabs adopt the navigation page with website thumbnail which is familiar to most computer users. The bookmark tab can list bookmarks of mobile device, desktop and other devices. New tabs in Safari are set as black pages by default, so users can not see any navigation information or websites in them.

Tab management
Since many computer users are used to opening multiple web pages when they using web browser to search information, tabbed browsing function will be much helpful. The tab bar of Chrome for iOS simplifies the web page browsing especially when users open too many web pages since the web browser adopts auto hiding and stacking form, making it easier for users to sort tabs. However, the tab bar of Safari is equipped with inflexible design, and only nine tabs are available by default. And users can sort tabs after long pressing certain tab.

Address bar/ search bar
Address bar is a must-have part of all web browsers, and most web browsers adopt smart address bar, complementing the websites according to entered characters. Search bar helps users rapidly search their desired information via inputting keywords. It is believed that the integration of address bar and search bar will get generalized.

The address bar of Chrome for iOS is also intelligent. Moreover, since address bar and search bar in Chrome for iOS are combined, users can directly search needed information via entering keywords into address bar. Amazingly, voice input mode is provided by Chrome. In terms of Safari, its address bar and search bar are separate, so users can not directly search information via address bar.

Bookmark syncing
Bookmark syncing makes it possible for computer users to easily access data stored in favorites especially when they use another computer or device to visit their favorites, bringing much convenience to users.
Chrome for iOS does not provide bookmark quick access function. Instead, those bookmarks are sorted into new tabs. The desktop bookmark function of Chrome provides users with bookmark syncing function for personal computers. Therefore, users can access bookmarks once they log in with the same user account from another computer. Like other web browsers, Safari provides bookmark button, with which users can access bookmarks rapidly.

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