Revolutionary mobile phone

Currently, since iPhone is so popular all over the world, some people may wonder whether there is a cell phone which can be comparable to iPhone or not. Of course, competitors can be found everywhere in today’s era where science and technology have been developed so fast. As a matter of fact, Motorola Droid and Palm Pre were two most strong competitors for iPhone in recent years. However, just like other competitors, Motorola Droid and Palm Pre are eliminated by iPhone successively. Till now, iPhone is regarded as a revolutionary mobile phone which has occupied a large part of the mobile phone market.

Three elements in design make iPhone a revolutionary mobile phone
As for why iPhone can be regarded as a revolutionary mobile phone, the designer – Jonathan Ive gives a good answer: successful design must be composed of three elements.
1. The first element is purpose: before designing, designers must find satisfying answers to the following questions: what should be the product used to do? Is it able to take effect as expected?
2. The second element is appearance: appearance of product determines the feeling it gives to users.
3. The third element is unique feature: admittedly, unique feature is the most important element for a product. It explains why this product is different from and better than other products.

Unique features of iPhone – the revolutionary mobile phone
As we have mentioned, unique feature is the most important element to make a product special. Well, what are the unique features that make iPhone so successful? Of course, unique features of iPhone include user interface, visual voicemail, and so on.

As a revolutionary mobile phone, iPhone must have many unique features and the innovative user interface is the most obvious one. Apple’s CEO – Steve Jobs once said the finger that we are born with is actually the ultimate pointing device. Making use of this point, iPhone has created the most innovative user interface which is much more convenient than mouse. With the innovative user interface, users are able to perform all kinds of operations by using fingers to tap the screen.

Another unique feature of iPhone is the visual voicemail. Initiated by iPhone, visual voicemail changes the way that users adopt to receive information. Just like email, visual voicemail allows users to decide which message they want to listen to by looking at the voicemail list.

IPhone also includes a piece of SMS software which is equipped with a full soft keyboard – QWERTY, making it possible for users to send and receive SMS messages easily in multiple sessions. When users need to type, iPhone will present an elegant touch keyboard, which is able to prevent and correct errors. Of course, this makes keyboard using more convenient and efficient.

In addition to above unique features, iPhone also has many other advantages when compared with other mobile phones and this gives strong evidence to the question why iPhone is regarded as a revolutionary mobile phone.

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