Restore Data After Reinstalling Windows 7 Now – Make Your Move

As a common Windows user, you may only know how to complete basic tasks like creating file. But the fact is that most of the Windows users don’t know anything about system restore or system reinstall, let alone how to restore data after reinstalling Windows 7. Every time when they run into system problems, they choose to get experienced people help them solving it.

As a matter of fact, the following factors may lead to system unbootable problem, users should know about them to be well prepared for unexpected OS failure: system files or boot files of Windows are deleted or corrupted due to unknown reasons; Virus has attacked and modified Windows registry; hardware failure like scratch and stain results in system crash; data loss could also be caused if a fresh system upgrade or update is installed improperly.

Restore Data after Reinstalling Windows 7

When you haven’t saved any extra copy of your important information on internal hard disk before and only to realize it after the system reinstallation of Windows 7 is completed, you must be wondering if there’s a way to recover files after reinstalling Windows. All we want to say here is that data recovery after reinstall is not impossible. System reinstallation data recovery or system upgrade data recovery is not a hard task for MiniTool Power Data Recovery. The only premise is that the lost data can’t be overwritten by newly added data.

Usually, after the Windows reinstallation was completed, the folder named “Documents and Settings” will be reinitialized. Thus, all files saved there will be deleted; besides, all other previous files will be missing from system partition since it will be reformatted during reinstallation.

Here is an easy-to-use data recovery tool that is able to help users recover data after format and reinstall. Its name is MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Just stop asking questions like can I recover deleted files after reinstalling Windows; Download this software and install it to another partition of computer hard disk right away.

Restore data after reinstalling Windows 7

Follow this to restore data after reinstalling Windows 7: choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” in main interface -> select the system partition or other damaged partition to scan -> look through found files and folders to decide which to recover -> click “Save” and set storage location for them.

If you also need to recover files after windows 7 installation, please make your move now. Don’t waste any minute!