Make It Easy And Safe To Repair HFS+ Partition

Just like every Windows computer has a built-in Disk Management, there is a Disk Utility in every Mac computer. This built-in tool is of course used to verify and repair Apple hard drive when necessary. And to be honest, it is often powerful enough for Mac users. However, as a Mac user, have you ever seen the error message – “Disk Utility can’t repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files.”, which indicates a failure in partition repair. Many of the users will get into panic at this very moment since they’re not professional in such Mac drive recovery work.

It can be imagined that how to repair HFS+ partition safely and conveniently becomes the focus of those users who are facing above error message when using Mac. Perhaps most users will regret not backing up important files they need to other drives when they disappointedly discover data loss disaster. As Disk Utility becomes useless, we can guess the directory structure of that Mac partition is severely corrupted. Thus, we don’t suggest the horrified users to obtain a recovery tool from the internet casually out of the consideration for safety.

Choose Powerful Software to Repair HFS+ Partition

After a series of investigations and researches, we find MiniTool Mac Data Recovery can be the best choice to recover files on Mac. It owns a large number of users, so you can use it without worrying too much. And please don’t be frightened if you’re not clear about how to carry out Mac drive recovery with this software. Here’s what you should do:


Step 1: run Mac Data Recovery and choose a suitable module according to actual needs to start repairing HFS+ partition. Obviously, “Damaged Partition Recovery” is used to recover files on Mac from a damaged drive. As for the situation where a Mac drive is missing, you should choose “Lost Partition Recovery” instead.

Step 2: do exactly what the prompts say in each operating interface of corresponding module.

Step 3: make sure you have chosen all files you need in the recovery interface and save them to a safe place.

Now, you can reformat the damaged partition or create a new partition to move the recovered files into it.

All operations to repair HFS+ partition have been completed at this time. If you need this software, please go to the products center.