How To Repair Corrupted And Unreadable Drive – Solved

It’s normal that you spare no effort to seek ways to fix disk when finding your drive is corrupted and unreadable. According to research, we found people often try to repair corrupted and unreadable drive out of 2 reasons:

1. They want to fix the error and make that drive work as usual again to save data.
2. They need to recover data from unreadable hard drive, regardless of whether the disk can be fixed or not.

When You Need to Repair Corrupted and Unreadable Drive

At tom’s HARDWARE forum, a user was asking for help since his HDD (external hard drive) has been corrupted and become unreadable. Under this post, a lot of users have left messages to discuss such problem; some of them offered solutions to help this user recover unreadable hard drive. However, most of the solutions are either useless or too complex.


In fact, this problem could happen on almost all kinds of drives. You can easily find users who need to fix external corrupted and unreadable hard drive or corrupted and unreadable pen drive. This indicates such problem is not unusual; we all are possibly confronted with it.

How to Recover Unreadable Hard Drive

In view of this, we decide to teach all users how to fix that problem easily so that you could take measures immediately when meeting this problem.

As you can imagine, the direct consequence of drive corrupted and unreadable error is data loss since we’ll totally lose access to data saved in that drive. The file system of corrupted drive often turns into RAW, which will give an illusion that the drive hasn’t been formatted for using yet.

So our advice is to recover data from unreadable hard drive first and then you can try every possible method to make the drive usable again.


Download free edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery and try to scan your drive firstly to see whether your needed data can be found. (If your drive has any physical problem, data may be lost forever; if your lost data have been overwritten by new data, you also can’t recover data).

Just follow the instructions in software interfaces to scan and recover data from corrupted and unreadable drive step by step if needed data can be found. Then, you can try whatever means you want to repair corrupted and unreadable drive for further use.