Remove all content and settings of iPhones

Nowadays, with iPhones being utilized universally, it is a

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commonly seen operation for users to utilize the “erase all content and settings” in IOS. Furthermore, the exact way to accomplish the operation is listed below:   If iPhone users would like to remove all settings and information from iPhone, they are supposed to tap “Erase All Content and Settings” in Settings > General > Reset, which is easy to handle.   Before users remove all content and settings, they are supposed to back up vital data in the iPhone with and upgrade the backups timely so as to guarantee the data security effectively.   Though it is quite easy to carry out the “Erase All Content and Settings” operation, the time spent in processing information varies in different IOS devices and it appears to take several minutes to hours. As a result, users should take appropriate measures to insure that the process can be done completely. The following are the exact examples of this situation:   Under the circumstance that the devices can support hardware encryption, users can accomplish erasing all content and settings by firstly removing the encryption key which plays a role in guarding the data stored in the iPhone and then waiting for this operation which is likely to take a few minutes.   However, in the scenario that the devices’ memory can be overwritten, the process to overwrite users’ settings and information by writing a

series of ones into this partition appears to take users several hours long and it will be determined by storage capacity of iPhones. During the course of overwriting data, the Apple logo and a progress bar will be presented by the device. Since it is likely to take a long period of time to accomplish the operation, users are supposed to connect the device to a charger until the operation is executed thoroughly so as to insure the process has been finished completely.

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