Recovery software NTFS partition

Recovery software for NTFS partition is needed in some cases. Why? When users couldn’t see one or more of their disk partitions in computer or the snap-in Disk Management, they’re probably encounter disk partition loss accident. Don’t hole the idea that such terrible thing would never happen to me. Believe it or not, every one of us can be a victim of NTFS partition loss. Based on this fact, we suggest that all users to be prepared with a powerful NTFS partition recovery tool. By doing so, users can be no longer afraid of unexpected partition loss issue even though it is a constantly emerged problem during daily computer use.

As we can imagine, there will be some people saying no to the suggestion of having recovery software for NTFS partition before they actually come across a terrible problem. But we want to make it clear that a powerful NTFS partition recovery tool is able to save users from the distress no matter what the cause of partition loss is (system reinstallation, accidental deletion, improper operation or virus infection can all be the cause). It’s obvious that partition loss is very likely to be triggered by a large variety of factors.

In view of this, we’d like to introduce a piece of powerful recovery software for NTFS partition to help users recover NTFS partition from disk when necessary. The name is MiniTool Partition Recovery.

Use the Free Powerful Recovery Software for NTFS Partition

By making use of the recommended recovery software, users will find it’s pretty much easy to recover NTFS partition from disk. Now, let’s take a look at how to use the software for recovery.


After users enter the main interfac, they will see some information closely related to the software at first. In this interface, they only need to click on “Next>” button to start recovery. All the interfaces are user-friendly, so users are able to finish the recovery by just looking at the operation tips.

There’s a fact about the NTFS partition recovery tool: apart from NTFS, MiniTool Partition Recovery also gives support to FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT and NTFS5.

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