Achieve Data Recovery From Wrong Operation Under Guidance

Just like everyone tends to make lots of mistakes in life, it’s also very possible for them to make mistakes in computer using. Mistaken deletion of crucial files and wrong operation leading to system crash are two of the most common circumstances users will find themselves stuck in. However, what we want to say here is that please don’t lose your mind, we’ve got good solution to data recovery from wrong operation in almost all operating systems of Windows.

Temporary files often occupy large capacity in hard drive, resulting in lower and lower running speed. Thus, users try every means to decrease the generating of temporary files. But disappointedly, accidents often occur during this process. In this case, timely lost data recovery will be needed in Windows 7 naturally if you’re one of the Windows 7 computer users.

How Temporary Files Cleaned in Windows 7

Temporary file removing is one of the main tasks of system clean, so we summarized 8 ways to help users simply accomplish it. Read them carefully if you are suggested to do so.

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1. Close “Sleep” feature: click on “Start” button -> open “Control Panel” -> choose “Power Options” -> click on “Change when the computer sleeps” -> choose “Never” from the drop-down menu of “Put the computer to sleep”.

Sleep is actually a long-playing standby state for system, allowing users to save current operating state when they plan to leave the computer for a long time but want to restore it right after coming back.

2. Close “System Protection”: right click on “Computer” icon -> choose “Properties” -> select “System protection” -> click on “Configure” button in this interface -> check “Turn off system protection” and click on “OK” button at the bottom center.

System protection is a rescue method for bringing system back to normal state after human errors or software failures. Novice users are not suggested to use it in case that secondary damage may be brought to system. It adopts a tracking way to record a lot of information, and this will consume great resources. So users are advised to turn it off to increase speed.

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3. Close “Remote Assistance” feature: right click on “Computer” icon -> choose “Properties” -> select “Remote settings” -> uncheck the “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer” option and click on “OK” button at the bottom center.

It will greatly affect the system speed if users choose to turn this feature on.

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4. Close “Automatic Updates”: right click on “Computer” icon -> choose “Properties” -> select “Windows Update” -> click on “Change settings” -> select “Never check for updates (not recommended)” click on “OK”.

Users are able to go to Microsoft’s update page to check for and get the available update. In the aspect of speed, this is much better than letting a process monitor whether there is an available update or not.

Get the Free Recovery Software for Windows 7

If you find some of your needed files saved in Windows 7 (or other common OS of Windows) are missing after or during temporary files clean, please install MiniTool Power Data Recovery software to your computer ASAP, in order to enhance success rate of lost data recovery in Windows 7.

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Then, you’re supposed to choose the most appropriate module from its main window to start. Just move cursor onto each module to know its specific usage. After that, follow the instructions in each interface to complete data recovery from wrong operation easily.