You Could Recover SD Card Photos With This Tool

Maybe lots of users don’t know the fact that – the simple deletion action on both computer and external drives like SD card only marks the space originally occupied as being available for use now rather than overwriting the actual content saved there. So the result is as long as we haven’t recorded anything new onto the SD card, it will be quite easy to recover SD card photos deleted previously. The only thing users need to recover deleted photos from SD card is a reliable recovery utility.

It is no exaggeration to say that users are even able to perform SD card data recovery on a damaged or reformatted card unless the format they finished is a low-level format (A low-level format will not only delete all files from the card, but also recreate the card’s directories, folder structure and other information, so it will lead to permanent loss of deleted files).

Select Tool to Recover SD Card Photos

According to survey, we find there are a wide range of companies which specialize in recovering different kinds of data, like pictures, photos, documents and audios. Thus, they provide good solutions for us to recover lost or deleted photos from SD card or computer hard drive. If users lost something really important, they can select a reliable and powerful tool to recover SD card photos on their own.

The charge of different companies for different products is very different. It can be free or up to several hundred pounds depending on the situations. The good news is that there’s a great but free tool suitable for both hard drive data recovery and SD card data recovery; its name is MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Users need to download and install it to computer right now no matter they’re in face of data loss problem currently or not (for users who haven’t met such situation, this action can help them do data recovery work timely when they actually lose important data).

Process of Recovering Deleted Photos from SD Card

1. Run the software to see following interface:

Recover SD card photos-1

2. Choose “Undelete Recovery” from main interface and click on it to continue.

Recover SD card photos-2

3. Select the SD card you have connected to computer and press “Scan” to detect needed photos.

4. Check all the photos you want to recover and click on “Save” to choose to store them to another safe drive.

You can end the work to recover SD card photos when all those operations are completed.