Recover raw partition

We all know that raw partition refers to the partition which hasn’t been formatted yet by file systems. That is to say, users can’t use raw partition to save data or for other purposes. Well, why do some users concentrate their minds on finding practical ways to recover raw partition? Some users may don’t know the fact that a normal disk partition can also become a raw partition under certain circumstances. For example, after the disk had been attacked by computer virus, users may find some partitions have been turned into raw. At this time, raw partition recovery will burst into users’ minds at the first moment.

Is Partition Recovery Tool Useful in Recovering Raw Partition

It is not surprising that users are eager to get data back from raw partition since the loss of important data will bring them a lot of unnecessary troubles and huge losses. However, many users just get the wrong way to restore data. After finding disk partitions has become raw, lots of users will fall into panic and start to seek useful partition recovery tools in order to recover raw partition.

However, this is actually not a good choice because almost all current partition recovery tools give no support for raw partition recovery. Even the famous MiniTool Partition Recovery doesn’t allow users to get data back from raw partition.


This is the welcome interface of MiniTool Partition Recovery. Here, we can find it is only able to help users recover lost You need those little symbols that look like forwards or backwards “C”s to indicate “is a member of” or “is a super set of”“Yes, credit monitoring services creates deposits,”No, loans are ONE way to create deposits. or deleted partitions. What’s more, even if this tool is able to recover raw partition for users, users may not able to get data back from raw partition. Why? That is because partition recovery software is only responsible for raw partition recovery and this has nothing to do with getting data back. (If users have met partition loss problem, they may as well use MiniTool Partition Recovery.)

How to Get Data Back from Raw Partition

In above situation, users needn’t recover raw partition. Instead, they should consider choosing data recovery software to recover important data. Here, we recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery because it is used and appraised by a lot of computer users who have met data loss problem once before. It provides five powerful functional modules, so users are able to get all data back as long as they are not damaged. If users are interested in how to recover data from raw partition, they can just read article “How to perform raw recovery with data recovery software”.

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