Things You Need To Do To Recover Partition Table All By Yourself

As a very ordinary computer user, you may have heard a lot about disks and partitions, but you may be unfamiliar with partition table. All you can know directly is:
a). the disk is not working normally;
b). disk partition suddenly becomes inaccessible;
c). disk partitions are missing somehow.

To tell you the truth, those are closely related to a unit called partition table. So what is partition table exactly? It is actually a table maintained on disk by operating system to describe the partition layout on that disk. When partition table is deleted or damaged, corresponding disk partitions will be implicated. At this time, people will make every effort to find ways to recover partition table.


Here, we’ll show you how to fix partition table without losing data with a free partition recovery tool. Two choices are provided here to help you solve partition table problems in different cases.

2 Easy Ways to Recover Partition Table Independently

Please read the following tips carefully to finish partition table recovery without trouble. Just choose one way that is most suitable for your case.

Recover with Power Data Recovery

Free download MininiTool Power Data Recovery; then, install and run it immediately.

Afterwards, make your choice to choose “Lost Partition Recovery” or “Damaged Partition Recovery” from main interface.

Lost Partition Recovery”: choose this to recover data when one or more of your partitions are missing from hard disk and important data are included;
“Damaged Partition Recovery”: choose this to get back missing data from a single inaccessible partition (which currently exists, working abnormally).


After clicking on the corresponding module, you should select the current disk (under “Lost Partition Recovery”) or inaccessible drive (under “Damaged Partition Recovery”) and perform a full scan.

When the scan is over, the result will be displayed in this free partition recovery software. Now, you only need to choose the files you need and click on “Save” to recover them.

The last step is – recreate new partition(s) as you like and put data back into it.

Recover with Partition Wizard

Free download MiniTool Partition Wizard to recover partition table:

1. Select the disk which includes lost/inaccessible partition;
2. Click “Partition Recovery Wizard” from left action panel or right click on the disk and choose “Partition Recovery”.


3. Follow the guidance in each interface to continue (remember, you need to choose all partitions, including existing partitions, in the last step; otherwise, the unchecked one will be lost).

This is the end of introducing above 2 useful partition table recovery methods.