Recover missing partition

What you will have in mind after you got one important partition lost? It’s not strange that the vast majority of users’ first reaction is to find a way to recover missing partition as soon as possible. Indeed, this is the natural response of people to partition disasters. What we want to say here is that users shouldn’t worry too much about it since they’ve got a huge chance to get back missing partition effectively.

We’d like to show all users a typical case of partition missing: I was feeling like to reinstall the operating system of my computer for the purpose of improving computer performance and running speed. When I was in the middle of reinstallation, I suddenly see some options given by the system for different partitions. At that time, I chose one casually and leaved the computer to let system finish installation automatically. However, when I got back, I surprisingly found one partition on my hard disk is missing for unknown reasons. Once I discovered this problem, I fell into a panic. What I’m gonna do in such situation? Can I recover missing partition for free on my own?

The Chance to Recover Missing Partition

We’d like to share the good news to users: lost partition recovery task is not as difficult as users thought; instead, MiniTool Partition Recovery can be served as an excellent assistant for users to get back missing partition for free. In fact, as long as the missing partition is not seriously damaged, there is great chance to recover missing partition by making full use of the mentioned tool.

Operations of Lost Partition Recovery

With the help of MiniTool Partition Recovery, even users who know nothing about recovery can make it very easy to finish the recovery task.


In step one, users need to run MiniTool Partition Recovery to see the main interface in which they’re supposed to click “Next>” button to initialize partition recovery.

In step two, users should choose the target disk to scan missing partition and then click on “Next>” to continue.


In step three, users only need to set a scanning range for specified disk and click on “Next>” button to end this step.


In step four, users are expected to choose a suitable scanning method and click on “Next>” button, of course.

In the last step, users ought to check all partitions displayed in software and then click on “Finish” button to end the entire work.

If your partition is also missing and you would like to recover missing partition for free, please click here.

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