Acquire How To Recover Lost Partition From SSD In This Essay

SSD is a new type of hard drive which is made of solid-state electronic memory chip array. It is actually formed by control unit and storage unit. SSD has many in common with ordinary hard disk drive; they share the same interface definition and specification, function and use and product shape and size. Compared to ordinary hard disk drive, it has the advantages of faster booting speed, more stable performance and better data security. However, it is a wrong idea that data saved in SSD are absolutely safe. We can say that no storage device manufacturer can promise you that data loss will never occur on his product. This is impossible.

In view of this, situation would be much better if users know how to recover lost partition from SSD in advance. At least, users won’t be so horrified when finding one or more partitions have been lost from their SSD.

When You Need to Recover Lost Partition from SSD

Why partition disappears from SSD? How could we restore missing drive from it? Questions like those are frequently asked. Here is one case in which partition recovery for SSD is needed:

A few months ago, I replaced my HDD with a new SSD in order to experience better performance. Just as I imagined, it always work well until one serious problem showed up yesterday. One of my partitions with important data gets lost and I still don’t know the reason up to now. It drives me crazy by just thinking of losing all of those data. So I was wondering if there is any way I could adopt to recover lost partition from SSD. FYI, I’m a novice in partition recovery/data recovery.

Sometimes, SSD users might encounter similar cases. In order to help them get back all data they need from the missing drive, we suggest them stop doing anything but installing MiniTool Power Data Recovery to their SSD. Now, we want to teach users how to use it to restore missing drive step by step.


Step one: like we said, please install MiniTool Power Data Recovery right after partition loss accident and then run it to enter above main interface.

Step two: click “Lost Partition Recovery” to enter its operating interface and then choose the correct SSD to scan by pressing “Full Scan” button in the lower right corner.

Step three: wait patiently for the completion of full scan and check possible partitions to find desired data.

Step four: select all the data you want to recover and choose to save them to a safe location by pressing “Save” button in the last interface.

At last, click “OK” to end the entire work to recover lost partition from SSD with this free but powerful partition recovery software for SSD. Now, you can create a new partition in this SSD to transfer all your recovered data into it.