Recover lost NTFS partition

NTFS partition has now become one of the most popular partitions all over the world. More and more users choose to use this kind of partition to store data. Hence, more and more NTFS partition problems appear during using process. Recently, we found a frequently asked question on the internet: how to recover lost NTFS partition. According to our researches, accidental deletion is the major reason leading to NTFS partition loss. Therefore, we are going to explain this kind of NTFS partition loss accident.

Recover Lost NTFS Partition after Accidental Deletion

In fact, a NTFS partition can also be lost due to other reasons, such as virus attacks and system crash. However, in the situation where the NTFS partition is lost because of accidental deletion, users should take full responsibility. At this time, almost all of us would like to do something to try to recover lost NTFS partition instead of just letting go of it. We want to share the good news to all users: a NTFS partition will not be moved out from computer in the real sense after users’ accidental deletion. On the contrary, users can make it possible to restore deleted NTFS partition as long as they find a useful tool.

Process of Deleted NTFS Partition Recovery

Since NTFS partition is almost unavoidable, we advise all users to find a way to recover deleted NTFS partition in advance so that they can minimize the possible losses caused by it. Generally speaking, there are two most common methods for deleted NTFS partition recovery: resorting to professional recovery agencies and using professional partition recovery software. Users are supposed to choose the latter one because it is more economical, reliable and faster.


Developed by the famous software company named MiniTool Solution Ltd., MiniTool Partition Recovery provides comprehensive technical support to all users. Moreover, this software is very easy to handle. Just by clicking “Next>” button in the main interface, users can start to recover.


Then, users should choose the disk which includes lost NTFS partition and click “Next>” button to enter the following two interfaces, in which they need to set a scanning range and scanning method.


Finally, users just need to check all partitions in the last interface and click “Finish” button.

Till now, all operations to restore a deleted NTFS partition have been completed. Hurry to download MiniTool Partition Recovery to recover deleted NTFS partition according to above tips.

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