Can’t Recover Lost Movies – Try This Easy Method

In the digital age, multimedia files like videos are frequently used. Movies have now become an indispensable part of entertainment. That is to say, with the advance of digitalization, movies are a kind of portable commodity. By saving movies into external hard drive, USB flash drive and other portable storage devices, we can carry loads of movies with us anytime.


Just because we can access to movies easily and conveniently, the chance of deleting movie files or losing them is high. That’s why we can find relevant questions like how to recover lost movies easily.

Causes for Movie File Recovery

In the past, most of us preferred to watch movies in theatre (or we can say we have no choice but to watch them here). However, this trend has been changed gradually. Nowadays, we prefer to watch movies online or in PC after downloading. During this process, movies are easy to be lost.

Common reasons that will lead to movie file loss include: virus attack, sudden power failure, accidental deletion/formatting, and so on.


Yet, the good news is you’re able to recover lost movies easily by relying on a good movie file recovery program. And you’d better act quickly after movie file loss in order to restore the lost movie files before they’re actually overwritten.

How to Recover Lost Movies

Well, the real problem for many ordinary users is how to recover deleted videos from PC exactly or how to recover files from SD card/external hard drive.

Now, we’ll talk about the recovery process in detail.


Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Select “Digital Media Recovery” and click on it to start your movie file recovery job. (Select “Lost partition Recovery” to recover files from missing drive or “Damaged Partition Recovery” to regain files from inaccessible drive.)

Secondly, select the drive to scan for needed files and wait for the scan.

Now, check files found by the software and press “Save” to recover them.

This is the whole process of how to recover lost movies in a few simple steps.