Can You Recover Files From Quick Format Independently

It is a common case that users have formatted a disk unintentionally, so they lose their precious data saved on that disk and struggle to find them back. But the fact is they don’t know safe and feasible ways to recover files from quick format. Please don’t panic. If users think they’ll lose all files on formatted partition, they are completely wrong. Instead, quick format recovery is quite easy, the only thing they need is merely an advanced data recovery tool. Then, users should follow correct steps to successfully recover data from quick formatted partition.

But before telling users how to recover data from quick format, we’d like to share following basic knowledge with them.

Things You Should Know Before Recovering Files from Quick Format

When users plan to format their partition, they need to choose from two methods to finish this: quick format or full format.

If choosing quick format method, users can save much time. However, this kind of format will only remove the entries to data saved on drive. Windows makes certain data invisible and mark the space occupied by them as available again, but the real content of data still remains intact.

If users choose full format to clear their drive, they will allow removing both data entries and data content. This type of format will remove data & system, and Windows will scan drive to find whether there is any bad sector on it. If bad sector is detected, Windows will fix it. So, absolutely the full format takes longer time.

Now, we’re going to show users how to recover files from quick format.

Recover files from quick format-1

Preparation: download MiniTool Power Data Recovery to computer hard drive; please not save it to the partition from which you want to recover data after an accidental format. Install it after downloading. If your quickly formatted drive is a USB flash drive/SD card/external hard drive (any removable device), please connect it to computer at this time. Of course, if you only want to recover data from quick formatted partition on internal hard drive, you can skip this.

Step 1: launch the software to start quick format recovery.

Recover files from quick format-2

Step 2: click on “Damaged Partition Recovery” which is used to deep scan and recover data from damaged, RAW or formatted partitions.

Step 3: select the movable disk or local drive and click on “Full Scan” button in the lower right corner to scan it.

Step 4: at the end of scan, please choose all the files you want to recover and click on “Save” button in the lower right corner to set a storage path for them.

Now, you can end the work to recover files from quick format with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.