Try This To Recover Files After Windows 8 Reset In Person

Need to Recover Files after Windows 8 Reset in This Case

When surfing the internet, we found a typical case in which the user need to recover files after factory reset Windows 8.

This user said he had downloaded some applications to computer installed with Windows OS. Probably because of it, both the running speed and responding speed of his computer was reduced. When he searched over internet to find solutions, he saw this – resetting Windows 8 computer to factory settings will do good to enhance both computer performance and speed. As suggested, he has finished resetting the Windows 8 computer.


However, he forgets to backup data and applications on computer. Thus, after resetting, he found those data no longer exist. Now, he is desired to recover files after Windows 8 reset. Please read following content carefully in case that you come across the same problem.

How to Perform Windows 8 File Recovery after Reset

Now, we decide to take this as an example to show you all how to recover files after Windows 8 reset. Firstly, you should install MiniTool Power Data Recovery to computer.


Then, run it and follow this tutorial to get back files and applications lost after Windows 8 factory reset:

Choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” from main interface -> select the drive which is used to save needed files and applications -> press “Full Scan” button to start a deep scan -> wait for the completion of full scan and browse the found data at the end of it to check needed files -> press “Save” button in the lower right corner -> set a storage path for the files waiting to be recovered.

Note 1:
You can repeat this process to recover files after Windows 8 reset from different drives.

Note 2:
You’ll need to upgrade to a paid edition if the total size of files needing to be recovered is over 1GB. That is because the free edition of Power Data Recovery can support recovering 1GB of data at most.