You’ll Find It’s Easy To Recover Deleted WMA Files On Windows

WMA, acronym of Windows Media Audio, it is a relatively new audio format launched by Microsoft after MP3. Since WMA is better than MP3 (and far better than RA – Real Audio) in the aspects of compression ratio and sound quality, it can bring users joyful auditory feast even at low sampling frequency. WMA files are used and transferred frequently, but this increases the possibility of files getting lost or deleted accidently. Out of concern for such accidents, we decide to teach users how to recover deleted WMA files and how to recover WMA files from damaged/lost partition.

Reasons for Recovering Deleted WMA Files

As far as we know, WMA format is widely supported. For instance, programs like Windows Media Player and RealPlayer give full support to play audios in WMA format. Usually, users will save WMA audios on their computer hard disk, phone memory card or USB flash drive. In this way, they’re able to listen to the WMA audios whenever they want by playing them in a proper media player.

However, we have to admit that no matter where the WMA audios are stored, they might get lost. Sometimes, when users manage data on hard drive, they are likely to delete needed WMV files because of wrong operation. Or, users may format partitions on hard drive by mistake and after that, all WMA files saved on the formatted drive will be gone. They must be quite upset when encountering unexpected file loss. So, now, we’ll talk about an easy way to recover deleted WMA files.

How to Recover WMA File on Windows

Recover deleted WMA files-1

3 steps for deleted file recovery on Windows:

One, run MiniTool Power Data Recovery and choose a module by clicking on it. For instance, if you want to recover deleted files, please choose “Undelete Recovery”; if your needed data is included in a lost partition or a damaged partition, please choose “Lost Partition Recovery” or “Damaged Partition Recovery”.

Recover deleted WMA files-2

Two, select the drive which includes your needed lost files and click “Scan” to continue.

Recover deleted WMA files-3

Three, check all needed files from found file list and press “Save” to recover them to another drive.

Tips: if there’re too many files in the list, please make use of “Find” or “Filter” function to narrow search range.

This is the end of deleted file recovery on Windows. And we believed all of you have mastered this way to recover deleted WMA files with simple operations.