Free Recover Deleted Files From CF Card Could Be Like This

Data being lost from CF (Compact Flash) card is not a rare situation; if you’re careful enough, you’ll find it actually becomes a universal problem. One of the major reasons that contribute a lot to the issue is wrong file deletion. The fact that – CF card data loss can be caused by various reasons – makes this problem more severe.

No matter what reasons the CF card data loss is caused by, users will be extremely frustrated by thinking of losing their precious files and memories forever. To be able to be free from such a horrible situation, users must do what we suggest them to do in the following content, in order to free recover deleted files from CF card all by themselves.

About Free Recovering Deleted Files from CF Card

After you discover that your precious files were gone due to your unintentional deletion, you should firstly think about those things:

Have you ever made a backup of the lost files?
Have you done anything that could bring secondary damage to your lost data?
Can your CF card still be detected in Windows now?

If you have such a backup, you may as well resort to it directly to complete CF card recovery.
If you have no data backup but have not performed any operations yet to the CF card since data have been lost, please connect it to computer to see whether it can’t be shown normally. Once it shows here, you should start card rescue ASAP by following these steps.

1. Download the powerful but free compact flash recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Install this freeware under guidance and then launch it to see main interface.

2. Choose “Undelete Recovery” and click on it to start CF card data recovery.

3. Select your CF card in the drive list and press “Scan” to search for your deleted files.

Recover deleted files CF card free

4. Look through all found files and choose needed ones to recover by pressing “Save”.

That’s all you should do to free recover deleted files from CF card with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If you need to do the CF card recovery on Mac, please use MiniTool Mac Data Recovery instead.