If You Want To Recover Deleted 3GP Video Files – Look Here

Though users have used or heard of 3GP once, many of them don’t even have a clue what it is exactly. To be honest, 3GP is a 3G streaming video encoding format which is widely used now. As most users may not know, it is a simplified edition of MP4 and it reduces the requirements in storage space and bandwidth.

3GP is put forward by 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project), aiming at establishing a global mobile network, through which users can access it anywhere in the world with the help of mobile technology. Many well-known communications providers, such as Apple, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, IBM, Toshiba and Nokia are involved. That partially explains why 3GP video is so popular.

Recover Deleted 3GP Video Files with Amazing Program

Now, let’s get back to the point, how could an inexperienced user recover deleted 3GP video files independently? Well, our suggestion is resorting to MiniTool Power Data Recovery directly. There’re a few reasons for why this program is chosen:

It is small in size and totally clean (detected with no virus or spyware by special tools).
It provides wizard-style interfaces which tell users how to do exactly in each step.
It supports plenty of operating systems, mobile storage devices and file systems.
The free edition could help users recover video files from SD card or other place totally free as long as the size of files doesn’t exceed 1GB.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Users can discover more on their own by actually using it.

As we have mentioned, MiniTool Power Data Recovery allows users recover deleted 3GP video files from many storage devices, including computer hard drive. Now, we’re going to show them how to recover video files deleted from recycle bin in detail (video recovery from other place is almost the same).

Firstly, get this program installed in your computer or movable disk. But remember, never choose the drive which is used to save deleted video files as the destination. Now, since you have done this, please run the program to see following interface:

Recover deleted 3GP video files-1

Secondly, choose the first module – “Undelete Recovery” to start recovering deleted 3GP video files. (If you plan to recover video files from SD card, “Digital Media Recovery” is also a good choice)

Recover deleted 3GP video files-2

Thirdly, select the drive which contained the video files before they’re cleared from recycle bin and press “Scan” to detect the files.

Recover deleted 3GP video files-3

Fourthly, at the end of scan, above result interface will appear automatically. Now, you need to check all the files you need by selecting a folder and look through files in it one by one. Or you can make use of the “Find” function to recover video files deleted from recycle bin quickly. Just input “*.3gp” and press “Find Next”; the program will find files meeting such condition for you.

At last, just check all the files and set a storage path for them by pressing “Save”. See, it is so easy to recover deleted 3GP video files with this suggested program.