2 Solutions To Help You Recover Dead Laptop Data Easily

No matter what kind of computer you’re using – desktop computer or laptop, you could probably come across computer booting failure. This is a rather common issue that could happen on all computers after continuous work or improper modification of boot settings.

At this time, the first thing that most users would think of must be hard disk data recovery. Is it possible to recover dead laptop data? How can they do to finish such task?

Indeed, as long as the computer is dead because of software failures, not hardware problems, file recovery is possible and easy to approach. The files still remain inaccessible but intact on the hard drive of dead computer. By using special methods or programs, users are able to recover data from the dead computer successfully.

2 Solutions You Can Use to Recover Dead Laptop Data

The following 2 solutions are the most direct and useful methods for laptop data recovery. Users can try both or choose anyone they like according to the actual situation.

Open Your Laptop Properly and Carefully by Referring to the User’s Guide

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Firstly, check whether your hard drive is fixed in laptop and can’t be moved (most laptop hard drives are removable). If you find your hard drive is flexible, you may as well take it out carefully, avoiding causing any physical damage.

Secondly, find a suitable hard drive interface converter (such as SATA to USB) and connect your hard drive to another computer and run it as an external drive.

Thirdly, copy what you need from this laptop internal hard drive to hard drive of another computer or a movable disk, such as USB flash drive and mobile HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

After that, you could put back your laptop hard drive to its place and reinstall the system on it to make laptop bootable again.

Use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to Finish Hard Disk Data Recovery

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Users also have another choice when they find their laptop become dead – to adopt MiniTool Power Data Recovery for getting hard drive recovery service. The steps to recover data from laptop hard drive by using this way are simpler:

Make boot disk of MiniTool Power Data Recovery -> change startup settings to boot from this disk -> operate under guidance to enter main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery -> choose a functional module to recover dead laptop data by looking at prompts in each interface.