What? We Can Recover Data From Wiped Hard Drive On Our Own

Have you ever wiped your hard drive accidentally? If your answer is yes, you must be worried about the precious photos, music and document files save there. This is why we’re here – ready to provide a pretty practical tutorial on how to recover data from wiped hard drive. With the help of the software we’re going to introduce, lots of users have succeeded in recovering formatted hard drive.


Reading this article, you must want to get back lost data as much as possible, right? Now, remember, the first rule would always be – do not write anything to the wiped drive! Then, you can keep reading to acquire the detailed steps to recover wiped hard disk.

Recover Data from Wiped Hard Drive

Indeed, users will choose to wipe a hard drive for many reasons. But no matter what the purpose is, users will hope to get back lost data after finding the disk wipe has been performed to the wrong place or after finding there’re still useful data here.

Why We Choose to Wipe Hard Drive

As a matter of fact, wiping hard drive is a good choice when:
a). the hard drive we’re using is getting attacked by viruses;
b). some unknown errors occurs on the hard drive and we can’t seem to fix them;
c). we want to completely clean data saved on the hard drive.

Sometimes, people may commit mistakes – wiping the wrong hard drive or realizing the existence of useful data after disk wipe has been done – as we mentioned before. At this time, what should users do when they haven’t taken any precautionary measures to protect data?

How to Recover Data from Hard Drive

There’re mainly 3 steps to recover data from wiped hard drive.

Preparations: download, install and run MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Step 1: choose “Lost Partition Recovery” (since all partitions will be lost after disk wipe).


Step 2: select the target hard drive and press “Full Scan”. Then, wait for it.

Step 3: check the needed files from scan result and press “Save” to choose a storage location for them.

This is the end of recovery. However, if you need to recover data from wiped partition, you should choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” instead.

If you have wiped the system hard drive, you may need the help of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk.