How Can You Recover Data From SATA Hard Drive Quickly

We all have to admit one fact: no matter how great our hard drive is, data loss accidents may appear beyond our expectations. A lot of reasons could be responsible for the data loss: accidental deletion/formatting, partition damage/loss, virus attack, etc. Though advanced, SATA hard drive can’t escape.

When the data loss is really detected on your SATA hard drive, the first thing to do must be hard drive recovery. Actually, the real content won’t be erased during the deleting/formatting process on SATA hard drive. That makes it possible to recover data from SATA hard drive.


A Good Tool for You to Recover Data from SATA Hard Drive

Please don’t hesitate to free download SATA hard disk data recovery software once you find valuable files were lost from the SATA drive. Which one should you choose when there are so many SATA hard drive recovery tools on the market? Indeed, I recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which is able to recover data for you in simple steps.

Tips on SATA Hard Drive Failure And Recovery

Please read the following content carefully to know how to recover files from hard drive:
1. Download & install MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
2. Run the software to start the recovery.
3. Choose a proper module from the main interface.

To recover deleted files, please select “Undelete Recovery”.
To recover files from missing partition on SATA hard drive, please select “Lost Partition Recovery”.
To recover data from dead SATA hard drive, please select “Damaged Partition Recovery”.


4. Choose the SATA drive to scan by pressing the corresponding button.
5. Check the files to recover at the end of the scan and press “Save” to store them.
6. Click on “OK” button to confirm your selection and wait for the end of the SATA hard drive failure and recovery.

That’s all about how to recover data from SATA hard drive on Windows. Please free download the SATA hard disk data recovery software immediately; don’t waste any time!

Introduction to SATA hard drive

The hard drive is generally divided into IDE hard drive, SATA hard drive, SCSI hard drive and fiber channel hard drive according to different interfaces.

Hard disk drive interface is the connecting part between the host system and hard drive and it plays an important role in the data transmission. Thus, the program running speed and system performance are largely decided by the hard drive interface performance.

IDE interface is mainly used for household products, and it is also partially applied to the server. However, SCSI interface is mainly used on the server market. As for fiber channel interface, it only shows up in some high-end servers because of its expensive price.


You might be wondering: what the main function of SATA is. As a matter of fact, SATA is the most popular hard drive interface on the current market. That’s why so many users are eager to know how to recover data from SATA hard drive.

The full name of SATA is Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, also known as Serial ATA. It adopts the serial connection method and the bus is equipped with the embedded clock signal.

In this way, SATA interface has stronger error correction capability and is able to check the transmitting commands (not just data). Error will be corrected automatically once it is detected and this greatly improves the reliability of data transmission.

You can also find much more information on the internet to know better about the differences among those commonly seen interfaces, such as the comparison of SATA and SCSI.