Best Software to Recover Data from Lost Partition

Generally speaking, a MBR disk consists of at most 4 primary partitions or 3 primary partitions and 1 extended partition. A GPT disk contains up to 128 partitions. In the both two kinds of disk, each partition restores different categories of files respectively. However, users may encounter this situation that they delete an important partition by mistake or the partition is deleted because of software failure, virus attack or some other reasons. At this moment, users must be very worried that the data in the deleted partition will be missing.

How to Recover Data from Lost Partition

Actually, the deleted partition is just marked as unseen, and it is still saved in the disk. So users don’t need to be anxious about the lost data. This is because they can recover data from lost partition by using a wonderful recovery tool – MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
Note: once a partition was deleted unexpectedly, users should stop operating the computer right away, especially not saving new files in the disk. Otherwise, the data in lost partition can be hardly recovered by any recovery solutions.
Here is a demonstration of how to recover data from lost partition.
1. Launch the MiniTool Power Data Recovery to get the main interface. Select “Lost Partition Recovery” to carry out the task.
2. Select a target disk, in which partitions were deleted accidentally. Activate “Recover” to continue.
3. Several lost partitions have been found. Choose the needed one and activate “Full Scan” to scan the content of the partition.
4. Tick the file which users want to recover. Then, activate “Save Files” to set the saving location to save the needed files and click “OK” to begin the recovery.
5. Finally, click “OK” on the pop-up interface to put an end to the partition restoration.
That’s all about how to recover data from lost partition. The pictures and introductions are displayed one by one, so users must have mastered how to do it. We hope users can restore lost partition successfully with this recovery tool when a partition loss happens to them. Hurry to download one.

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