Hurry To Recover Damaged Hard Drive When It Goes Belly Up

During ordinary working or study, hard drive failure is not a rare case. When you were at work, your computer may start to become particularly strange. In this case, no matter the real cause for that phenomenon is just opening too many windows, making RAM full, or an actual physical problem, we suggest all of you to back up important files at once. Why? That is because this hard drive may fail at any moment, leading to the loss of your precious data.


Reasonably, you’ll curious about how to recover damaged hard drive once your find problems on your internal/external hard drive. But, as one of so many inexperienced users, how could you find feasible ways to perform hard drive data recovery yourself?

How to Recover Damaged Hard Drive

Let’s just dispense with the I-told-you-so words; if you currently found yourself facing a serious hard drive problem, you must be eager to find an effective method for hard drive data recovery. But, you’ve probably forgotten the cardinal rule of computing: all hard drives (both internal and external) will fail eventually.

Well, we know what really bothers you is significant files are missing from damaged hard drive. However, we’ve been there to help.

Everyone has to learn lesson from data loss, right?

Recovery Steps

Firstly, install MiniTool Power Data Recovery to your computer (you’d better install it to external safe hard drive if the damaged hard drive is the only internal hard drive of computer) and run it.

Secondly, select “Damaged Partition Recovery” functional module when the hard drive is partially damaged (all the partitions exist).


Thirdly, scan the damaged drive and choose needed files from scan result to recover.

Well, what if the internal hard drive is damaged totally and Windows can’t boot? You’ll definitely need the Bootable Edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

How to recover data from a dead hard drive: burn it into USB flash drive or CD -> change the BIOS settings to make computer boot from the USB or CD -> choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” from main interface and follow prompts to complete recovery.

This is the whole work to recover damaged internal hard drive.

Of course, if the damaged hard drive is an external one (or you can choose to take out the internal hard drive and connect it to another computer as an external one), the recovery would be easy. You only need to run the software and choose proper module to recover external hard drive quickly by looking at the tips in each interface.