You’ll Be Able To Recover CF Card In Person After Reading This

You may be familiar with SD card, which is used frequently nowadays to store data. However, CF (Compact Flash) card, which is an older kind of memory card compared to SD card, may be not familiar to many of you.

It’s reasonable that there’re fewer solutions to CF card recovery than SD card recovery. So, a large number of users get anxious when they need to recover CF card, but don’t want others to help for fear of privacy leakage.

Read This before Recovering CF Card

What is CF card? To be brief, CF card is a kind of storage device which is similar to any other memory cards. Though CF card is equipped with relatively large volume, it has a very wide range of uses mainly owing to its large capacity, low cost and excellent compatibility. No moving mechanical parts can be found in CF card; what’s more, no battery is needed for users to retain data here. Just because of that, mechanical failure is rarely seen in CF card and thus data storage on CF card becomes more secure.


Under the promotion of CFA (Compact Flash Association), CF interface becomes a standard interface. In this way, different vendors can develop their own products to hook up to CF interface, which makes the devices giving support to CF standard equipped with the strong ability to expand and upgrade.

Just because of it, CF card is used frequently on different devices (such as computers and digital cameras), so correspondingly, CF data loss is not rare.

How to Recover Files from CF Card

Accidental deletion and unintentional formatting are two main reasons responsible for CF card data loss. Therefore, we’d like to tell users how to recover deleted files from CF card and how to recover CF card after formatting with ease. First of all, download MiniTool Power Data Recovery and install it to computer.


Recover Deleted Files from CF Card


1. Connect your troubled CF card to computer and then click on “Undelete Recovery” to start.

2. Select the CF card as suggested and press “Scan” to search for deleted files.

3. Check needed files from result and press “Save” to end recovery work.

Recover CF Card after Formatting


1. Connect CF card and then choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” instead.

2. Select the CF card to scan by pressing “Full Scan” button.

3. Look through found out files and choose what you need to recovery by pressing “Save” button.

Reading here, you must have known how to recover CF card easily without others’ help.