Recover boot partition Windows 7

Some Windows 7 computer users may have installed another operating system on the computer at the same time due to certain reasons. Nevertheless, as time goes by, they tend to find one of the operating systems become less and less useful. We might assume that the system is Windows 7. In order to free up the space originally taken by Windows 7, a lot of users will choose to delete it completely. In this way, they are able to enhance the performance and running speed of current computer. Meanwhile, the disk space utilization rate will be greatly improved. But unfortunately, users will finally realize the necessity of deleted Windows 7 system sometimes. What they should do under such situation? Of course, an important task is to recover boot partition for Windows 7.

It is also possible that users have deleted Windows 7 boot partition by accident or the boot partition has been lost due to unknown reasons. Therefore, deleted Windows 7 boot partition recovery is an unavoidable task in some cases. Considering this point, we’d like to offer two practical solutions for users to recover boot partition for Windows 7.

Start to Recover Boot Partition for Windows 7

As far as we’re concerned, boot partition loss is really a nightmare for all computer users, including Windows 7 users. Well, in face of the accidental deletion of Windows 7 boot partition, what should we do?

To be honest, there are two ways available to restore Windows 7 partition.


First of all, users can choose to complete deleted Windows 7 boot partition recovery successfully by relying on MiniTool Partition Wizard, which is believed to be a good assistant for partition management. There is actually a bootable CD provided for this excellent tool and it allows users to access the system during boot failure. Then, Windows 7 users are supposed to select a boot mode and screen resolution successively in order to enter MiniTool Partition Wizard. By clicking “Partition Recovery Wizard” function and performing operations according to tips, users can restore Windows 7 boot partition easily.


The second way is to get help from MiniTool Partition Recovery. What users need to do under this situation is to boot from the other operating system on computer and install MiniTool Partition Recovery to recover boot partition for Windows 7. They may also take out the disk with boot problem and try to complete recovery after connecting it to another computer.

All in all, we advise users to choose the right way to get back lost partition as they want.

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