Three Steps To Recover Acer Laptop On Your Own

In the beginning, we’d like to share the good news with users: it can’t be all that difficult to recover Acer laptop as long as it is not damaged physically. MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides you with a high recovery rate among all the data loss situations caused by soft failures.

No matter the data loss in Acer laptop is caused by accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, incomplete data transfer, system crash, virus attack, file system corruption or abrupt power failure, Acer laptop data recovery is feasible; the possibility of it depends on the damage degree and what users do after data loss accident. Therefore, please do not get into panic or feel much disappointed when some important data are missing from Acer laptop unexpectedly. Just use the professional software we have just mentioned to recover Acer laptop missing data as soon as possible.

Why Need to Recover Acer Laptop

Are you using the Acer laptop? Have you ever got your data lost from it? Do you know a reliable way to restore Acer laptop from factory settings or other data loss situations? Since Acer laptop is widely used around the world, we intend to provide method for Acer laptop data recovery in order to help users get back needed data when necessary.

Considering that data loss in Acer laptop or any other storage media could be resulted from many reasons, we highly recommend that users install MiniTool Power Data Recovery now. In this way, even if users don’t meet data loss, they’re able to recover data timely when they unfortunately lose valuable data someday.

If you find your needed data are lost after performing a factory setting to Acer laptop, please don’t worry, just open MiniTool Power Data Recovery to start to get back the lost data.

Recover Acer laptop-1

Since the partition may be damaged during factory setting process, users should click “Damaged Partition Recovery” functional module from main window to see above interface. Here, users should select the drive which was used to save lost data and then click “Full Scan” to detect lost data.

Recover Acer laptop-2

Please click “OK” to continue when the scan finishes and above prompt window pops up. Afterwards, look through the found partitions one by one to seek for needed lost data. After users checked all data needed to be recovered, they can click “Save” to appoint a location to keep them.

When all data are saved to appointed place, MiniTool Power Data Recovery will give users a prompt, implying that users could close software now if they don’t need to perform another recovery.

See, this is an excellent tool for all of you to recover Acer laptop. Now, download one to experience the amazing performance for free.