Can You Recover A Wiped Hard Drive Without Professional’s Help

Imagine this: if you just bought a new computer after fed up with its speed and performance, what are you gonna do with your hard drive in old computer? Considering the action of through old computer away as a waste of resource and money, many users think of giving the old one to their friends or family members who need it. Of course, in order to avoid privacy leakage, the vast majority of users choose to clear data from hard drive before they hand over the access right to other people.

However, what if a user has wiped his hard drive by accident? Is it possible for the user to recover a wiped hard drive without trouble? The answer is not sure. We mean, it depends a lot on the method this user had adopted to finish wiping hard drive.

How Users Often Clear Data in Discarded Hard Drive

As a naive user, you may choose to clear all data in the left-off hard drive by just permanently deleting them (press “Shift” + “Delete” or empty the recycle bin after choosing “Delete”). However, though data seem to disappear from hard drive, the real content is still there. And they can be easily recovered by using a data recovery tool.

Definitely, others may choose to format the hard drive to clear all data, regarding this as a safe way to protect privacy. Yet, the result turns out to be different. Data removed by this way can still be found by unscrupulous people.

In this case, we suggest all users to wipe hard drive completely with special tool (for instance, MiniTool Partition Wizard) before they give it to anyone else. Well, how to help users who have wiped a hard drive unintentionally? We’ll give our advice in the following content, but it’s not like everyone can recover a wiped hard drive completely after they finish wiping. The possibility of wiped hard drive recovery mainly depends on what wiping methods they used. But our suggestion is just giving it a try.

Try to Recover a Wiped Hard Drive

Recover a wiped hard drive

You’ll never know the result of anything unless you really take a shot on your own. So we strongly recommend that all users download and install MiniTool Power Data Recovery to try to recover data from wiped hard drive by following the guidance:

1) Run the software and press “Damaged Partition Recovery” to start wiped hard drive recovery.
2) Select the drive where needed data located and scan it thoroughly by pressing “Full Scan”.
3) Choose all the data you want to recover from wiped hard drive and specify another drive to keep them for further use.
4) You can repeat this process if you want to recover data from different drives. You are also suggested to quit the software when the recovery is over.

Since in most cases, users only have one hard drive in computer, they’re supposed to recover a wiped hard drive with the bootable edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If it’s only a data hard drive with no system installed, users can employ other editions to recover data.