Outstanding handheld device

The outstanding handheld device – iPhone firstly made its appearance at the Macworld Expo in January 9, 2007. At that time, this innovative mobile phone was launched by Steve Jobs – the former CEO of Apple Inc. Afterwards, iPhone was publicly listed in June 29, 2007 in United States. In fact, iPhone can be seen as the integration of mobile phone, widescreen iPod and internet device. The multi-touch screen allows users to control iPhone with their fingers. Besides, the outstanding handheld device also provides users with desktop-class email and web browser and many useful functions. In a word, iPhone has created a new era and redefined the functions for mobile phone. Well, what exactly are the wonderful features of iPhone? Now, we will talk about some of them in brief. Wonderful features of iPhone – the outstanding handheld device As we have mentioned, iPhone is a combination of camera phone, personal digital assistant, media player and wireless communication equipment. Regarded as an outstanding handheld device, iPhone is a quad-band GSM mobile phone, which gives support for EDGE, 802.11 b/g wireless internet access (iPhone 3G supports WCDMA internet access), email, mobile call, SMS, web browsing and many other wireless communication services. One wonderful feature of iPhone is that it adopts multi-touch screen, instead of traditional keyboard. This explains why we call iPhone as an innovative mobile phone. With the help of multi-touch screen, iPhone occupies a leading position in interoperability when compared with other brands of mobile phones. Another wonderful feature of iPhone is that it includes an iPod media player, a Mac OS X operating system modified for mobile device and a 2 million pixel camera (the pixel of camera in the first generation is 2 million). Furthermore, the outstanding handheld device has a built-in sensor, which is able to automatically adjust the displayed direction of screen according to users’ different holding methods (horizontal holding or vertical holding). The built-in wireless communication function is also a wonderful feature of iPhone. Combined with multi-touch screen, the wireless communication function allows user to launch FaceTime and access the internet with a touch of the screen. In addition, users are also able to copy and paste texts and images directly from the website. Texts, photos, audios, videos and contacts can all be directly sent through SMS and MMS. Users can also choose to send an important part of the whole conversation. Inputting a keyword in Spotlight search bar, users can get all related information in contact list, email, calendar, memo, etc. Voice memo is another practical tool in iPhone to record and share users’ inspiration, reminders, meetings or any other kinds of voice recording. Up to now, iPhone has made tremendous contributions to the

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development of communication industry and the improvement of employment situation. So we can say that iPhone is undoubtedly a very great product.

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