Operating system security

With the development of computer network, network security issues are becoming more and more serious. From the perspective of operating system security, we can divide the research content of network security into two parts: attack and prevention. Well, operating system security is the key to the entire network security in defense technology. As we all know, operating system plays a vital role in computer, so the attacks designed for operating system emerge frequently in the using process.

Operating system is both the computer program used to manage computer hardware and software resources and the core and cornerstone of the computer system. There are many basic affairs that operating system needs to deal with: manage and configure memory, decide the order of system resource supply, control the input and output devices, operate network and manage file system. Operating system also provides an operation interface to let users interact with the system. The patterns of operating system are very diverse, so the operating system installed on different computers can be both simple and complex. In order to prevent these attacks effectively, users have to get a clear understanding of the main operating system security problems and the steps of a successful attack.

Main operating system security problems
In fact, operating system is a public platform for applications and services, so operating system security vulnerability is the main reason of network intrusion. There are mainly four types of operating system security problems:
1. Using operating system to get unauthorized information. This will do great harm to the confidentiality and integrity of information system.
2. Using operating system to block the normal operation of computer system and the normal use of users. This will do great harm to the availability of computer system.
3. Using operating system to prevent system from finishing specific functions. In addition to the computer virus which can destroy the normal operation of system and the normal use of users, there are many other human errors or natural disasters. Interferences, equipment failures and wrong operations will all affect the normal operation of software.
4. Using the software to achieve illegal copy and illegal use.

Steps of a successful attack
After knowing the main operating system security problems, users need to take a look at the steps of a successful attack so as to well protect computer data.
Network intruders usually identify the vulnerabilities of target system through appropriate scanning tools. Then, they will adopt relevant means to attack operating system by taking advantage of these vulnerabilities. A successful attack is usually composed of the following five basic steps: 1. Hide IP. 2. Use scanning tools to find the vulnerabilities of target system. 3. Obtain system administrator privileges. 4. Plant access backdoor on the computer which has been already attacked. 5. Clear login log to hide attacks.

Operating system is the underlying layer of software system, the manager of system resource and the interface of hardware and software. Operating system is so important that it is easy to be attacked by network intruders.

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