New features in iOS 8

It was on June 2, 2014 (local time) that Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference was held in San Francisco. In this conference, the highly anticipated iPhone6 and iWatch has not appeared. Beyond our expectation, Mac OSX and iOS 8 made their debut. According to Apple’s introduction, new features in iOS 8 can be found easily, including smart keyboard, the newly released health information monitoring and management application – Health and its kit, the home automation kit – home kit and the improvement of iMessage.

Four Main New Features in IOS 8

At present, the vast majority of people are not familiar with the newly released operating system – iOS 8. Therefore, in order to let readers have a better understanding of iOS 8, we decide to give them a brief introduction to four main new features in iOS 8. 1. Smart keyboard: smart keyboard in iOS 8 will predict the content that users want to say next and provide them with the choices of words and sentences when they write a text message or e-mail according to their language style and manner that shown in the past. This kind of smart keyboard equipped with learning ability can also speculate the object of content when users edit a text message. 2. Health: as a health information monitoring and management application, Health is one of the most valuable new features in iOS 8. Through Health, iOS 8 is able to collect the test data of users’ health information: heart rate, calorie consumption, blood glucose level, etc. Health will integrate and manage these data so as to let users keep track of their own health timely and more comprehensively. Meanwhile, Apple also provides the corresponding kit – health kit. Health kit allows Health and other similar applications to collaborate with and sharing data to each other. In this way, all applications are able to pay a better role in collecting users’ health information. 3. Home kit: In addition to health kit, home kit is also provided by Apple as a home automation kit. Through developing home kit, Apple hopes that more new applications can allow users to use Apple’s mobile devices as remote control, control thermostat, light bulb and smart appliance. Apple states that it is working with a number of smart home product development companies now in this field. 4. Improvement of iMessage:

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in iOS 8, one-to-one message is no longer the main function of iMessage. Surprisingly, great improvement of iMessage can be found easily in iOS 8. The new iMessage opens a platform for a group conversation, so that friends can send message, receive message and share location in a SMS group simultaneously. Besides, voice message and short video can also be sent through the SMS group. Some experts believe that Apple has the ability to make a niche product to be accepted by mainstream consumers and its entry into the health monitoring equipment field and smart home product field is likely to bring tangible changes to the market.

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