Music downloading and relative settings on iPhone

Music downloading
Before iPhone users start to play music on iPhone, they should make sure that the needed song has been downloaded to iPhone music library, which displays all iTunes Store purchases, even if iPhone users have not downloaded them. Well then, how to download the purchased music to iPhone music library?

Solution one:
Firstly, iPhone users should view the downloaded music on the device via clicking Settings > Music to check the downloaded songs on the playlist.
Secondly, open iTunes app and then choose Purchased link at the bottom of the screen.
Thirdly, choose Music or TV Shows and select the Not On This iPhone option at the top of the screen.
Fourthly, choose the items needing to be downloaded.
Finally, tap the Cloud icon next to the chosen items to download them to iPhone music library.

Solution two:
Firstly, open App Store app and select Updates.
Secondly, select Purchased to find the songs that will be downloaded to music library. .
Finally, tap the Cloud icon next to the needed items to download them to iPhone music library.

Music management
In the Music app, iPhone users can browse music by playlist, artist and other category. And More is available for other browse options. However, if users want to rearrange the tabs in the Music app, Edit will be helpful. Well then, the way to create a new playlist is introduced:

In the situation where iPhone users want to create a new playlist, they can tap Playlists and tap New Playlist at first. Then, enter a title and tap Save. Afterwards, tap 1 icon next to the needed songs to add them to the newly created playlist. After that, tap Done when the operations are performed.

Note: Edit is available for iPhone users to add or delete songs from a playlist. And iPhone users can move a song to a new spot in the playlist by holding and dragging 2 icon.

Music app setting
Are you encountering the situation where a song is automatically shuffled when you shake your device? What is the exact reason? Actually, that is caused by Shake to Shuffle feature of iPhone. Some people who have owned their device for months but do not know how to shuffle music can follow these steps to enable or disable Shuffle mode on iPhone.

Firstly, navigate to Now Playing screen when a song is playing. Secondly, tap album cover. Here, users can see three icons. The icon on the left is the repeat icon. After users finish tapping, the device will repeat the current playlist. The icon in the middle will activate the Genius features on the device. And the icon of crossing arrows on the right is able to shuffle music. Since iPhone users want to shuffle music, they need to tap the icon of crossing arrows to enable Shuffle mode. If the arrows are blue, Shuffle mode is enabled and songs in the current playlist will each be played once in random order. If users want to disable it, just tap certain icon again. Also, iPhone users can enable or disable Shuffle mode at the top of any playlist.

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