How To Rescue The Lost Partition On Hard Drive Easily

Have you accidentally deleted one of your disk partitions? Or you have discovered partition loss problem after computer had been attacked by virus? On these occasions, you must be eager to get back lost partition on hard drive as soon as you can. But how does that possible?

Why Lost Partition on Hard Drive Can Be Recovered

You may find the disappearing of hard disk partition, but most of you don’t know what exactly happens when partition is lost. Here, we’d like to unveil its mysterious veil. In fact, on every hard drive, there exists a hidden area which is known as Master Boot Record and used to save the information about disk & partition layout (name, size, start label, etc.). If something happened and deleted or damaged this area, lost partition will be found on hard drive. Hence, users will lose access to all data saved in the lost partition completely.

However, as long as the partition table is only lost or slightly affected, it will take users just little time to find and recover missing partition(s). Here are the common reasons for partition loss issue:
1. Partition is deleted or missing during system installation.
2. Virus attack, software conflict and improper operation can all lead to partition loss.
3. Physical damage is also included in the reasons that could make partition lost.

Two Ways to Recover Missing Partition

Based on different requirements, we’ll provide two different ways for users to get back lost partition on hard drive.

Situation one: if users focus on how to recover the missing partition as a whole. We suggest them to achieve free disk partition recovery by using “Partition Recovery” function of MiniTool Partiton Wizard. Here’s the link to it.

Lost partition on hard drive-1

Situation two: if users care more about data saved in the missing partition than the partition itself, they are advised to make use of MiniTool Power Data Recovery instead. The five functional modules in it are very powerful and practical. Choose “Lost Partition Recovery” and follow the instructions to regain your lost partition on hard drive.